Dulocracy in America: The Commerce “Claws”



“What the people really want they generally get. The same Constitution which serves as a shield to protect the rights of the people will now be used as the sword for their own destruction.” Charles Evans Hughes, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, 1937. pg. 95.

“The right to engage in commerce between the states is not a right created by or under the Constitution of the United States. It existed long before that Constitution was adopted. It was expressly guaranteed as a privilege inherent in American citizenship. ” Hoxie v. N.Y., N.H. & H.R.R. Co., 73 Atl. Rep. 754, 759 (1909). pg. 110.

Ever wonder what grant of power the federal government uses as their authority to monitor, regulate, and control every aspect of an individual’s life from the cradle to the grave? Answer: the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution. Unbeknownst to most, virtually every US citizen has been issued a federal license to engage in interstate commerce. This license scheme began in November 1936 in order to give Congress free-reign under the umbrella of “regulating interstate commerce.”

Dulocracy in America: The Commerce “Claws” exposes the true intent behind the New Deal legislation of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The book details the events that led Roosevelt to bring all “persons” under the jurisdiction of the commerce clause. The evidence presented in this work conclusively prove the Social Security Number and the Federal Employer Identification Number are federal licenses to engage in interstate commerce and by virtue of the number the account holder is presumed to be a “person” who is engaged in congressionally controlled and regulated commerce.

From 1936 to 1939, social security numbers and federal employer identification numbers were issued to individuals as a license to engage in interstate commerce and to businesses effectively connected with a trade or business in interstate commerce. Congress amended the Social Security Act in 1939, with Public Law 76-379, Act of August 10, 1939, Chapter 666, 53 Stat. 1360, thus allowing for the issuance of another class of social security number to individuals which in addition to the license to engage in interstate commerce component, added a pledge of SURETY against the national debt in exchange for the perceived promise of cradle to grave protection. This pledge was reaffirmed by President Roosevelt during his State of the Union address delivered January 7, 1943 by declaring:

“When you talk with our young men and women you will find that with the opportunity for employment they want assurance against the evils of all major economic hazards – assurance that will extend from the cradle to the grave. And this great government can and must provide this assurance. And if the security of the individual citizen, or the family, should become a subject of national debate, the country knows where I stand.”

This pledge of individual surety in exchange for cradle to grave protection is called “Welfare Enumeration.” The condition of such promise of protection throughout life provided no vested rights in the pledgee and the terms of the agreement was left solely to the discretion of Congress operating as agents of the trustee in bankruptcy representing the interest and rights of the creditors holding the national debt.

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