Here’s what people are saying about

Dulocracy in America:  The Commerce “CLAWS”

“Excellent book on a subject that is timeless. I recommend it to all students taking a Government Class.”

“This book is loaded with history not taught anymore in our state-run schools or colleges.  This should be a ‘must read’ for every person young and old.”

“Gave this book to my son.  He really likes the information contained in it and wishes government would adhere to what the constitution truly had outlined for our government before all the changes during and after FDR.  Eye opening.”

“A book every American should read.  Every year the rope around the neck of the people is getting tighter and tighter.  I finally understand how it happens and who is pulling the rope.”

“It’s a great book.  The American public needs to know that we have been played politically for the last 70 years.”

“I was always taught President Roosevelt was a ‘man of the people.’  After reading this book, I’m not so sure.  His (Roosevelt’s) administration and Supreme Court appointments changed the political and legal landscape for generations without amending the Constitution.  I now know why the social security number is so important to the federal government.”

“I had to read it more than once to really understand it.   After multiple readings, the book really opened my mind.  Well worth the extra time and effort.”

“If you haven’t read this book, then it’s about time you did.”

“This book makes interesting reading, even if you disagree with it.  The Author makes some fascinating claims which appears to be supported by his research.  Each chapter appears to be documented by the historical record.”

“Every citizen and every freedom loving person should read this.  I have given copies to my college age sons.  Good reading!  I recommend this book to everyone to read and study.”

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